Christmas Eve jackpot: Woman wins $1M in Las Vegas playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot

Santa’s reward to at least one fortunate casino-goer this Christmas Eve? A $1 million jackpot!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas shared the information through Twitter, congratulating the lucky, unnamed winner.

“Santa got here early,” the hotel and casino tweeted on Monday. “Congrats to at least one fortunate guest who won $1,023,743 on her 960th spin while enjoying Wheel of Fortune.”

Although this winning does not rank among the many highest Las Vegas slot jackpots, famous its unusual for a on line casino to reveal how many spins it took to get to the jackpot.

“Boom,” the Las Vegas information tweeted. “Bonus: First time we’ve ever seen a mention of what number of spins a jackpot took.”

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